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Bartender's Handbook

The Bartender's Handbook - Table of Contents.

1. The basics
 1.1. Cocktails - The basics
 1.2. Tips and Tricks
 1.3. Mixing terms
 1.4. Bar Measurements

2. Equipment
 2.1. Setting up a bar
 2.2. Glassware
 2.3. The History of the Cocktail Shaker

3. The ingredients
 3.1. Stocking your bar
 3.2. Punch Garnish
 3.3. Gravity Chart
 3.4. Beer and beer terminology
 3.5. Coffee and caffeine
 3.6. Absinthe FAQ


4. Recipes
 4.1. General Drink Recipes
 4.2. Making liqueurs

5. The inevitable
 5.1. Calculate your blood alcohol level
 5.2. Dr. I. M. Bibe's Anti-Hangover Tips

6. Just for fun
 6.1. A collection of drinking games
 6.2. A Liquor Story
 6.3. Toasts around the World


This handbook has been compiled from various freely available sources on the Internet. Most of the documents are taken from The (Un)Official Internet Bartender's Guide, edited and compiled by Douglas Howell (Io10677[at] Documents have also been copied from the Usenet group, and from The Official Bartender's Guide by Peter Saviz (psaviz[at] When the source is anything else than this, the source can be found at the end of each document.

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