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When operating a bar, whether it be in-house or a business, you need to have certain types of glasses. The right glass can enhance the drink you are serving, making you look even better. You really do not want to serve wine in a coffee cup, a cocktail in a beer mug, and you definitely don't want to serve an Alabama Slammer in a sherry glass. Get the point?

Glass accidents

When you are around any bar, home or business, you need to be concerned for yourself and your guests. Here are a few tips about accidents and what to do:
  • Always use an ice scoop and not the glass itself. Tiny slivers of glass always chip off when dipped into an ice well and your glasses become unclear after a while

  • If you accidentally break a glass near ice, always throw away all the ice. When glass shatters, pieces go everywhere. You really don't want pieces of glass in your drink.

  • Never take a hot glass and add ice into it. This can cause the glass to shatter due to thermal shock. Be careful about this.

  • Mechanical shock occurs when you clank two glass together. One of the glasses will almost always break.

  • If you carry the glasses by the stem or the base you avoid fingerprints where people drink from, and you will have more support carrying the glass.

Different glasses

Written by The Webtender/Pål Løberg

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