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Everything Cocktail Parties And Drinks Book

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Colorful Concoctions, Fabulous Finger Foods, and the Perfect Setting. This is Miss Charming's 4th book, out in November 2005 and part of the "EVERYTHING" series from Adams Publishing.

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Miss Charming's Book of Bar Amusements

Cheryl Charming brings you this bible of bar tricks collected over the years as a bartender all over the world, not to mention amusements she gathered from cronies in crazy bars, clubs, and parties along the way.

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Vintage Bar Ware

Vintage Bar Ware is the first identification and value guide dedicated to cocktail shakers, stemware, ice buckets, recipe books and more. An elegant, informative book.

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The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games

A true encyclopedia for party animals, this book describes 50 hilarious contests, from old favorites like Thumper and Quarters to wild creations like Beer Hunter and Dunk the Duchess.

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Beer Games II : The Exploitative Sequel

If you enjoyed "The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games," you'll love the sequel. With 40 new games, new essays and lists, and the hilarious Beer Catalog, it's a must for party animals and fans of beer-sodden humor!

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Last Call!

The goal of Last Call is to earn tips. To earn tips, you must mix drinks quickly and accurately as well as deal with your customers. Last Call features 20 patrons, each with distinct personalities and quirks. A great game that will even help you learn new drinks.

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Rosemary Moon

The food lover's companion
Sharon T. Herbst

The Ultimate A-to-Z Bar Guide
Sharon T. & Ron Herbst

A Partier's Guide to 51 Drinking Games
Brian L. Pellham

101 Drinking Games

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