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The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games.

A true encyclopedia for party animals

Ten years after its first publication -- and 400,000 copies later -- The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games remains an essential part of great parties.

The Complete Book Of Beer Drinking Games lives up to its name with descriptions of fifty hilarious beer games like "Thumper and Quarters" to obscure but wild matches like "Slush Fund" and "Boot-a-Bout". The Complete Book Of Beer Drinking Games celebrates a popular pastime for "towns & gowns" young adults with 144 pages of pure nonsense, including photos of four recent Presidents quaffing brew, dozens of synonyms for puking, a complete semester of college classes based entirely on beer, and, of course, the most thorough encyclopedia of rues and regulations to the best party games of all time.

Although The Complete Book Of Beer Drinking Games does celebrate enthusiastic partying, the authors are adamantly opposed to excessive drinking, and especial to drunk driving. A graphic photo of a car wreck and a blunt warning against DUI preface the book.

For more games, you should try Beer Games II : The Exploitative Sequel.


Written by Andy Griscom, Ben Rand, Scott Johnston
Publisher: Mustang Publishing
144 pages, Paperback

Webtender's rating: 5/6

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