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Vintage Bar Ware.

Vintage Bar Ware is the first identification and value guide dedicated to cocktail shakers, stemware, ice buckets, recipe books and more.

The book gives a comprehensive overview of the American cocktail age, from the turn of the Century through the pop culture of the 1950's, with special focus on a time filled with romance, glamour and style, the 1920's and 1930's.

This informative book offers essays on Speakeasies, Rum Runners, Alky Cookers, America's Nobel Experiment and it's Repeal, Cocktail quips, quotes, facts and lore.

There is also a section of classic cocktail recipes, special chapters on the great manufacturers of bar ware, as well as tips for collectors in caring for their treasures and finding bar ware at bargain prices.

Vintage Bar Ware contains over 350 color pictures, patent copies and illustrations -- An elegant, informative book.


Written by Stephen Visakay
Publisher: Collector Books
208 pages, Hardcover

Webtender's rating: 5/6

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