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Drinking games - Fuzzy Duck #2.

This is a British drinking game called fuzzy duck. It's a good word type game which becomes much harder when pissed. The rules are quite straightforward , the players sit round a table or in a circle on the floor. Each participant has a drink in front of them, we like to do this using small glasses each with a very strong shot in it.

The play commences as follows:

  1. one player is nominated to start.
  2. They either say "FUZZY DUCK" or "DUCKY FUZZ" the choice is theirs.
  3. If the first player said "FUZZY DUCK" then the player on their left can either say "FUZZY DUCK" or "DOES HE".
  4. If the first player said "DUCKY FUZZ" then the player on their right can either say "DUCKY FUZZ" or "DOES HE".
  5. If the second player in either direction repeats the first player then the play passes on to the next person round the table. They can say "FUZZY DUCK"/"DUCKY FUZZ" following the second player or "DOES HE".
  6. The phrase "DOES HE" reverses the play around the group ie switches clockwise for anti-clockwise or vice-versa. It also has the effect of changing the phrase so "DUCKY FUZZ" becomes "FUZZY DUCK" and vice-versa.
  7. Two people can say "DOES HE" one after another, this has the effect that the play carries on in the same direction as before and with the same phrase.
  8. There are only two more rules, you cannot say the same phrase twice in one session. If you said "DUCKY FUZZ" last time and the order of play means that you should say "DUCKY FUZZ" again you must say "DOES HE" so reversing the direction of play and the phrase.
  9. If anyone makes any form of mistake in pronunciation or in the order of play,ie saying the same phrase twice, then a forfeit must be payed. Normally this consists of downing your shot in one, any mistakes in carrying out the forfeit can lead to further forfits.

O.K it sounds complicated but it isn't to bad if you try it. Below is a simulated game between five people (number 1 to 5 in a clockwise direction), player 1 starts.

Player  1. "FUZZY DUCK"
        2. "FUZZY DUCK"
        3. "FUZZY DUCK"
        4. "DOES HE"
        3. "DUCKY FUZZ"
        2. "DOES HE"
        3. "FUZZY DUCK"
        4. "FUZZY DUCK"
        5. "FUZZY DUCK"
        1. "FUZZY DUCK".....Player one is at fault for saying the same
                     phrase twice. They should have said "DOES HE".

The game works best if you start a session slowly and gradually build up speed. A session lasts until someone makes a mistake. A small tip watch your pronunciation "DUCKY FUZZ" can quite easily become "F**K HE DOES" and "FUZZY DUCK" becomes "DOES HE F**K".

Game source: The (Un)Official Internet Bartender's Guide

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