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Drinking games - Cardinal Puff.

I played Cardinal puff many times. The wording we used was slightly different. We said "Cardinal puff, may I begin?" and whoever was a cardinal would say "Yes, you may begin". Then you say: "I am drinking cardinal puff for the very first time tonight". I recall picking up the glass and only holding the pinky away from the glass. The second time, saying "I am drinking cardinal puff puff for the second time tonight" and holding the glass with the pinky and ring finger away from the glass. The third time, I said "I am drinking cardinal puff puff puff for the third and final time tonight". This time I held the glass with the middle, ring, and pinky away from the glass. The rest is the same as the previous poster's version (i.e. tapping the glass once, twice, three times, standing up, etc).

We got "bored" of cardinal puff and tried eagle puff. We would have to do the whole thing with one less "glug". Then we did "speed races" trying to go through the cardinal puff sequence without messing up and trying to beat the other players. The first time I played this game, I got all the way to the end and got dinged on not picking up the glass correctly when I was saying "Once a cardinal, always a cardinal". I recall we ran out of the liquor I was using and so they gave me some other concoction the 3rd time around--- I quit after the 4th mishap :-)

It's a fun game, but can be brutal if you don't have a lot of people playing (because you learn it by watching and listening to the ones before you, who inevitably mess up somewhere in the sequence...).

Game source: The (Un)Official Internet Bartender's Guide

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