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The Mormon Surprise


Mixing instructions:

Add the vodka and the grape juice first in any order and then fill with ginger ale.

Creator/contributor's comments:

People who don't like vodka love this drink because the white grape juice covers the unpleasantness of Vodka. -- Origin: As you may know, The Mormon religion forbids consumption of alcohol (along with many other things). So, in order to compensate for this fact, my Mormom friends serve the best punch anybody at their parties has ever tasted. I once asked for the ingredients to this nectar and they gladly gave them to me. A year and a half later lapsed in which time I completely forgot about the punch. However, I instantly recalled the mix at college when I saw the ingredients in my fridge. I made some of the punch right away and, remembering that alcohol makes anything better, added various liquors and spirits to the punch until I found the perfect compliment to surprise Mormons worldwide: vodka.

Drink Information:
Category: Other/Unknown
Alcohol: Alcoholic
Serve in: Collins glass
Rating: 9.1 - 11 votes  [vote]
Contributor: Chris Martin
Added: 28.Aug.2000
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