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Mixing instructions:

Combine all the ingredients together, leaving out the chocolate ice-cream. Leave in fridge until cold. Add in the chocolate ice-cream, blend. Serve.

Creator/contributor's comments:

I was messing around in the kitchen when i came up with this recipe. It's a drink rich in flavour if very bitter cocoa powder is used. If you can't get your hands on Sweetened Condensed Milk, use regular milk, sugar and sweetener instead. -- P.S: make sure ice-cream is plain, if it's got like chips and stuff inside, it won't be as nice. Enjoy!

Drink Information:
Category: Coffee / Tea
Alcohol: Non alcoholic
Serve in: Unknown glass type
Rating: 6.4 - 5 votes  [vote]
Contributor: Eugene Wong
Added: 06.Dec.1997
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