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Atomic Bodyslams to Whiskey Zippers.

This is not your father's bar guide!

Aimed at both amateur and professional bartenders, this guide presents more than 1.000 recipes for stylish, creative drinks--from the Atomic Bodyslam to the Baby Godzilla to the Squashed Frog--with clearly written, precise instructions for making them.

The author, Adam Rocke, who has poured with the best of them while tending bar in hip Hollywood clubs, gives you a formulary of more than 1.000 mixed drinks that will qualify you as an instant cocktail guru. This manual will enable you, as host, to fulfill virtually any drink order, no matter how weird.

Throughout the book Adam Rocke has included small stories from his past as a Hollywood bartender, bar trivia, cures for hangovers and the worst pickup lines you could ever imagine.


Written by Adam Rock
Publisher: Surrey Books
150 pages, Paperback

Webtender's rating: 5/6

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