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Bartending Inside-Out, The Guide To Profession, Profit & Fun.

The changing laws, liability and personal awareness, have re-defined the role of alcohol server. Strong mechanical skills must now be matched with product knowledge and responsible service. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, Bartending Inside-Out provides facts, hints, and techniques that will give you the professional edge sure to separate you from the rest.

Learn about:

  • Efficient Pouring Techniques
  • How to Maximize Sales and Tips
  • Liquor Production - from Vodka to Single Malts
  • Beer, Kegs, CO2
  • Responsible Service - Protect Yourself and Your Establishment
  • Recipes and Drink Preparation
  • Toasts From Around The World

This is the third edition of this book, with expanded info on beer, wine and spirits. Some new recipes have also been added.


Written by Lori Marcus
Publisher: Cadillac Press
160 pages, Paperback

Webtender's rating: 4/6

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