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The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Beer.

The Complete Guide to the World's Great Brews

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Beer is the definitive work on beer and beer drinking. You don't have to have participated in a three-legged pub crawl, drunk a yard of ale or have a pewter tankard hanging on an oak beam in the snug to enjoy this book ... But it might give you the taste for it!

This book guide you through various topics, richly illustrated with 240 phographs and 100 beer labels.

The making of beer:

How hops, barley, malt, yeast and water coalesce into the world's most popular alcoholic beverage, plus an introduction to the diverse ale and lager families.

The world A to Z of beer:

Description of various regions around the world, and the beer brewed there. Everything from the well known Europeian brands to the less known Chinese ones.

The history of beer:

The eritage of beer extolled - encompassing drinking beer through straws in Ancient Egypt, wassailing in Viking halls, imbibing in medieval monasteries and dodging Prohibition in the America of the 1920s.

Gazetteer of pubs, bars and taverns:

Where to find and have fun drinking the great beers of the world, including features on famous beer festivals.

The beer buisness:

How beer is marketed and sold worldwide.

Beer culture:

A celebration of the multifarious pleasures of beer drinking - whether it's sipping fruit beers in a Continental café or enjoying beery sing-songs round the pub piano.


Written by Roger Protz
Publisher: Smithmark Publishers
224 pages, Hardcover

Webtender's rating: 5/6

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