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Dear visitor,

As you probably know, I have been maintaining The Webtender alone as a hobby project on my spare time, and have been doing so since 1995.

The Webtender project is supported mainly by advertising on the web site, plus some commission from the sale of bar products. There are no investors or large companies involved. I do almost everything myself, and invest a great deal of my time in the project, simply because I'm having fun.

However, because of it's popularity the cost of renting server space for the web site is currently about what I earn on ads, so I hardly make money from the site at the moment. But I don't do this primarily to make money. Like I said above, I created and maintain The Webtender because I find it interesting and it's a lot of fun. I also get to know a lot of interesting people through it.

Still, I can not afford to spend any of my savings on The Webtender, with a mortgage and all that is just not possible. That is why I ask for your support to enable me to continue maintaining The Webtender for many more years to come.

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