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Search syntax help

Using advanced search syntax will allow you to better tailor search results. Two types of query syntax are available:

Requiring and excluding search words

Attaching a "+" (plus) to a word requires that the word be in the search results. For instance, if you are searching for a drink, and you use a plus in front of a word in the ingredient names field, all drink found must contain that ingredient. And for drink names and ingredient names, the drinks/ingredients found must have that word in their name.

Attaching a "-" (minus) to a word will ensure that none of the results contain that word.

Requiring and excluding words is a very useful feature when searching for drinks by ingredient names. To find all drinks that contain vodka, cola and rum, but not gin or lime, you should search for "+vodka +cola +rum -gin -lime".

Exact Phrases

Putting quotes around a set of words will find results that match that exact string.

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