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Drinking games - Wuss, Douche Bag, Fucker.

Nothing quite like a game where you must use these three words. The play is very very similar to "Bouncing Ball." This game is best played among people who know each other well enough to get away with calling them names.

Basically, you can't wuss a wuss, and you can't look a fucker in the eye.

One player begins by looking at another player and shouting "Wuss." The next player has three options:

  1. "Wussing" another player than the one who called him (That player then must call something)
  2. Saying "Douche Bag" while looking at the player, in the eye, who called him a wuss. (The other player again has control)
  3. Saying "Fucker" and looking away from the player who called him. (The original calling player must then call again.)
As with an drinking game, if you screw up, you drink.

Alternate rule:

In addition to saying "fucker," one can say "Barney" but must look towards Pittsburgh. If in Pittsburgh, one must look towards "alumni corner" (I guess you have to see it).

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