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Drinking games - Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

You've gotten plastered for Star Trek, you've gotten wrecked sipping every time Capt. Picard adjusted his shirt, and now you've got yet another excuse to drink beer: the Deep Space 9 drinking game.

Like the ST and ST:TNG games, a drink is taken for common events that are part of the show (such as Kirk always kissing the (alien) girl, Worf getting beat up, etc). Some fans start to look forward to these events. Just so I don't get blamed for somebody spewing, it's recommended that you use shots or small gulps of beer when you take a drink. You may want to have some harder stuff for special events mentioned below, or chug a whole beer as suggested.

Before the show starts, everyone picks a character. Everytime the character you picked gets into a confrontation, conflict, or fight, take a drink.

Plus take a drink whenever:

And then take a drink AND do an action everytime:

Plus, chug a whole beer when and if:

An average one hour episode consumes three beers per participant.

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