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Drinking games - Russian Beer Roulette.


For this game you need at least two players. Six is a good number. (You can play on your own, provided that you're fairly far gone to begin with). To play it you need one can of beer per player for each round. The cans must, for obvious reasons, all be of the same brand in any one round.


One player takes one of the cans, shakes it up vigorously, then returns it to the others. The beers are shuffled until nobody knows which is the shaken-up one.

Each player then takes one can of beer and opens it, holding it so that one who got the shaken-up one gets sprayed with beer. The players who weren't sprayed laugh, and finish their beers. As a compensation, the player who got sprayed gets to shake up the can in the next round.

The game continues until nobody can shake the can.

Game source: Ulf Sjöstedt

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