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Drinking games - Caps.

You need:

The setup:

Split into 2 teams. Sit each team about 10 feet (can be varied) away from each other, facing eachother. Place a glass between the two people sitting on each side.

The game:

Simple. Try to throw a cap into the other team's glass. Turn is rotated back and forth between the players on opposite teams. If you make it, you score a point (recorded by caps neatly placed in front of the players), and the player with the next turn on the other team has to drink.
However, if the point is answered, the other team has to drink, and the point is not scored for them, but for the team answering the point. This can continue back and forth, until a cap goes unanswered.

I like to play to 20, then switch up teams. If a player shoots out of turn, they have to drink. I like to play with beer in the glasses, meaning, if you do not match the point, you have to drink, without swallowing the cap. Pour as much beer in the cup as you like. (We usually play half cup....meaning we consume about 2.5 beers in about 10-15 minutes.) Speed increases as people get better, but slows down as people get drunker. Fun game to play. Fun game to talk trash. Great to have several games going simultaneously, in parties. Great for tournaments. Best thing is, there are no losers, everyone gets drunk.

Game source: Harry Hamilton

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