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Once long ago during the golden age of Renaissance Italy, legend has it that Lorenzo De Medici created an exquisite amber liqueur that became a favourite among 16th century Italian nobility. However, It was not until 1938 that Tuscan Brothers-in-law Geatano Tuoni and Giorgio Canepa re-discovered this centuries old recipe - made it even more desirable - and named it Tuaca.

Based on fine, cask-aged brandy, with an exhilarating blend of vanilla and orange, Tuaca has an intriguingly fruity flavour and a heavenly amber glow. It is smooth, irresistible and uniquely different. Exactly how Tuaca is made remains in the hills of Tuscany with Tuoni and Canepa - it is their 500-year-old secret.

Enjoy Tuaca as a straight shot or a slammer; try it in your coffee or savour it on the rocks as an after dinner drink. It's also the barman's dream, as Tuaca provides a distinct foundation for a comprehensive range of cocktails - Ideal for re-vamping traditional old favourites - -and perfect for creating his own signature drinks.

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Ingredient Information:
Liqueur / Cordial
35.0% (70 proof)

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