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Mixing instructions:

Mix in a mixing glass with a little ice, Start with Sambuca, add vodka, and then cranberry juice. Shake and Strain into a rocks/shooter glass with no ice. Garnish with a single cherry.

Creator/contributor's comments:

This is a "shooter" drink that I came up with myself. It is a favorite with younger "college" customers. The name is a "take-off" of the licorice flavor of the drink. -- So far, I have come up with 2 varriants: #1. Same as original but cut the vodka to 1/2 oz. then add 1/2 oz. sloe gin. The name of the drink than becomes "lick-her-itch sloely" -- #2. Same as the original, just add 1/2 oz. cream and serve as a cream style (I.E. Pink squirrel) drink. The name of the drink then becomes "lick-her-creamy-itch". -- A third possible varriant that a few customers have requested (which actually tastes rather nasty) is the same as #2 with the 1/2 oz. cream addition. (Sloely lick her creamy itch)

Drink Information:
Category: Shot
Alcohol: Alcoholic
Serve in: Old-fashioned glass
Rating: 6.0 - 2 votes  [vote]
Contributor: Scott Chambers
Added: 14.May.2003
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