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Flaming Lemon Drop


Mixing instructions:

Pour Absolut Citron into shot glass and top off with a splash of Galliano. Place one half lemon slice flat on the rim of the shot glass, put some sugar on the slice and soak the sugar with 151 proof rum. -- Just before drinking, ignite the sugar. Blow the flame out when the it seems to caramelize the sugar. Lick the sugar off the lemon slice, down the vodka mixture, then either suck the juices or bite the pulp of the lemon.

Creator/contributor's comments:

If you have ever had a lemon drop candy as a child this drink will surely bring back memories! This drink proves what one can invent when totally bored and full access to a stocked bar!

Drink Information:
Category: Shot
Alcohol: Alcoholic
Serve in: Shot glass
Rating: 8.9 - 15 votes  [vote]
Contributor: Mathew "simonthesage" Morgan
Added: 23.Oct.2000
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