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The Dash


Mixing instructions:

Pop a couple of ice cubes in the glass. Pour the advocaat slowly over the ice. Then wait for a moment before adding the creme de fraise. Serve it as soon as it's poured as it starts to curdle.

Creator/contributor's comments:

Well it all started in a wine bar in London. Myself Josh "The Baptist" Murray and Andy "Hatchett" Hockey (Baptising the stomach in beer, and put it down the hatch). We were after our favourite tipple, A Flaming Arsehole (advocaat and cherry brandy), and disaster struck... no cherry brandy. After much consultation with Pete the barman, it was decided that the only honourable substitute was creme de fraise, and low the dash was born. Enjoy it, its a pleasure.

Drink Information:
Category: Shot
Alcohol: Alcoholic
Serve in: Shot glass
Rating: 7.4 - 5 votes  [vote]
Contributor: Josh Murray
Added: 25.Oct.1999
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