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The Gold, The Bad, and The Ugly


Mixing instructions:

When you're filling with milk, make sure you leave enough room for the Goldschlager. Pour the Goldschlager over the back of a spoon.

Creator/contributor's comments:

The drink ends up layered if you leave it for a minute or so. The Goldschlager will be on top, the milk and Bailey's stay mixed, and there's a sort of Kahlua sludge at the bottom. This is how I prefer to drink it. My roommate, however, likes to continually stir his as he's drinking it. I don't normally measure out the ingredients when I start playing alchemist. I just pour until it looks right. To that end, the measurements here are estimations. You can vary the ingredients to suit your taste. Modifications I've tried include sprinkling cinnamon on the top and adding chocolate syrup. Cheers.

Drink Information:
Category: Other/Unknown
Alcohol: Alcoholic
Serve in: Beer pilsner
Rating: 7.1 - 14 votes  [vote]
Contributor: Andrew Resch
Added: 07.Feb.1999
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