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  • 1 part Beer (draught is preferred)
  • 1 part 7-Up
  • 3 Ice cubes

Mixing instructions:

The beer is first. The 7-Up is second. The ice is last, but it is only needed if the other ingredients aren't cold.

Creator/contributor's comments:

The amount can be slightly more or less, depending on the drinker's preference. Women tend to prefer more 7-Up and men tend to prefer more beer when asked. BUT, half and half are the ususal measurements. -- This drink is very popular in most of Spain, but especially in Madrid. You order it if you really don't want to drink a lot. It's a very "social" drink. People not used to drinking find it very gentle. In Spain, 7-Up is known, but "gaseosa" is what's used in the drink. My Spanish friends who visit the USA prefer 7-Up to other "gaseosa" substitutes.

Drink Information:
Category: Other/Unknown
Alcohol: Alcoholic
Serve in: Beer pilsner
Rating: 3.3 - 17 votes  [vote]
Contributor: Teodoro Bové
Added: 21.Mar.1998
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