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Blonde Smoothie


Mixing instructions:

Scoop ice-cream into a large bowl (stainless or glass, but plastic will do). Slowly pour wine into bowl and mix until smooth (but not runny, or melted). Fold in (well drained) fruit cocktail. Serve in wine glass with ice-cream scoop (add tacky paper umbrella if desired). Keep in freezer when not being served.

Creator/contributor's comments:

This mix will freeze in layers. When you take it out (some time later) let thaw slightly and remix. I usually keep a plastic wrap layer pressed down atop the mix to prevent freezer burn of the ice-cream (that's when ice crystals form, it won't hurt, but I don't really like the texture they add).

Drink Information:
Category: Punch / Party Drink
Alcohol: Alcoholic
Serve in: White wine glass
Rating: 8.3 - 3 votes  [vote]
Contributor: Rl Sandoval
Added: 08.Jul.1997
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