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The California Health Bar Drink Guide.

This book contains a collection of around 750 new and time-proven recipes for delicious and healthy non-alcoholic refreshments suitable for any occasion, ranging from fruity breakfast juices to refined and exotic cocktails.

With the know-how provided in this book, anything nature provides under the California sun - among other gracious climes - can be transformed into a grandiose drink. You'll find juicy classics made from oranges, apples, and pineapples as well as exotic refreshments made with ginger and limes. Spicy tomato juice joins surprises made from broccoli and spinach. Perfect for anyone who wants to keep a clear head (and their driver's license).

In addition to the 750 recipes this book also contain more than 100 color photos of different drinks. You'll also find nutrition information for each recipe, including calories and vitamins.


Written by Sally Ann Berk
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Pub
224 pages, Hardcover

Webtender's rating: 4/6

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