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The World's Best Bartender's Guide.

Professional Bartenders from the World's Greatest Bars Teach You How to Mix the Perfect Drink

Anyone can master the art of mixing the perfect drink -- with all the confidence, style, and panache seen in the world's finest bars and restaurants. How? Ask the professionals.

Now, for the first time, today's leading bartenders from the 50 best bars in the world reveal: the secrets of the classic cocktail (with special variations) recipes for rare and exotic drinks special secrets and tips of the professionals and other tricks-of-the-trade that characterize the best mixologists.

Every home bartender will be mixing, shaking, and pouring drinks to please the most discerning guest: tropical drinks from award-winning Caribbean bartenders, hearty drinks from Irish pubs, and specialty cocktails from Montreal, Seattle, Key West, Beverly Hills, Boston, Hong Kong and dozens of other cities -- and from the very best bars and bartenders.


Written by Joseph Scott, Donald Bain
Publisher: Berkley Pub. Group
256 pages, Paperback

Webtender's rating: 5/6

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