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Cocktail : The Drinks Bible for the 21st Century.

Highly Recommended!

This thorough guide by Paul Harrington, a.k.a. "The Alchemist" of HotWired's popular cocktail Web site, feature everything one needs to know to create 64 classic cocktails.

The first part of this book in an introduction to the art of cocktails and drink making. It covers glassware, the different drink families, drink making techniques, and the intricacies of mixers, spirits, and garnishes. You will also find information on how to stock a home bar and how to plan a successful cocktail party.

In the second part you will find the history, recipes and colorful images of 64 classic cocktails.

The second part of this book cover 64 classics. In addition to recipes and mouth watering images of each drink, Harrington has included amusing stories describing the origin and history of the drink. In fact, this is probably reason enough for buying this book.

The book's third part finishes with a comprehensive list of ore than 250 drink recipes, and a glossary that clarifies obscure cocktail jargon.

Throughout this book Paul Harrington's voice is authoritative but witty; he comments with sarcastic affection on this era that he terms the "Revival of American Drinking". Slip on your smoking jacket, grab a copy of Cocktail, and mix up a pitcher of Gimlets tonight.


Written by Paul Harrington, Laura Moorhead
Publisher: Penguin Group
256 pages, Hardcover

Webtender's rating: 6/6

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