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[Lapponia Lakka]

Lapponia Lakka is a bright yellow liqueur with a bitter-sweet taste of cloudberries.

Lakka is made by soaking cloudberries, a orange raspberry-like berry that grow wildly in northern Scandinavia, in alcohol for two to six months before it is sweetened and bottled.

Lapponia Lakka is produced by Scanfrentz Ltd in Finland. As of August 2001 Lakka is exported regularly to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Canada, Spain, Latvia and to some other countries with less regularly. In Canada Lapponia Lakka is listed in two state monopolies, Newfoundland Liquor Corporation and Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

Other liqueurs in the Lapponia range include Lapponia Lingonberry, Lapponia Cranberry, Lapponia Buckthorn, Lapponia Blueberry and Lapponia Cream Cloudberry.

Questions regarding Lapponia Lakka can be sent to Scanfrentz on

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Ingredient Information:
Liqueur / Cordial
21.0% (42 proof)

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